The Northwest Packer Backers was founded in 1990 by Frank Alioto and a core group of 8 fans. At that time the Packers were hardly ever on television in the Seattle area, so by placing newspaper ads and through word of mouth, the NWPB organized enough Packer fans to make it advantageous for a bar owner to cater to our group. In 1990 a deal was reached with Terri’s Fifth Quarter to show all Packer games. So the legacy had begun, and the club’s goal and mission is to provide a place for Packer fans in the Seattle area to watch every game with other cheeseheads. The club is family oriented and kid friendly and we look for places that allow us to bring our younger fans to grow our Packer family! We also use money from our merchandise raffles to support needy kids at Christmas.

Our former President, Gary Fye decided to step down from the role at the beginning of the 2012 season. A native of Green Bay, Gary was elected President in 1993 when Frank moved out of state, and had been the Head Cheese since then. Jerry Garner who was our Vice President/Fan Rep and had founded our Southern Chapter, stepped up to the challenge! It is a big job getting merchandise for our raffles, locating and negotiating for locations, sending out newsletters, organizing a trip for the trip raffles, etc. and could not be done alone. Many thanks go to Gary Fye, Mary Ellen, Corrine, Jeff Evans, Joe Givens and Traci Garner and all those other members who have helped grow our club and keep the NWPB strong.

Our raffles provide money for which we donate to charities. A raffle for Packer merchandise is held at the end of the 3rd quarter of every game. Tickets are $1 each and the profits benefit needy kids at Christmas. In the early years we sponsored one or two needy families, foster children, or the very poor. As the club grew, we were able to help more kids. In 1995 & 1996 we sponsored approximately 40 kids on a giving tree in coordination with a local elementary school. Each child received a clothing item and a toy. In 1997 we chose a different path and organized volunteer elves from the club to shop for gifts. A 10% discount was negotiated with a toy store and we spent $1100. In all, 135 toys were purchased and donated to Toys For Tots. In recent years, we have donated monies to charities that help families during Christmas, food banks, and have sent hundreds of care packages to the men and women serving our country in Afghanistan. Overall, we have donated over $100,000 to those in need! Great job Packer fans!!

Several years ago the club started to raffle off one trip each year. This raffle is self supporting so it doesn’t take money away from the kids. Each trip includes air fare, hotel, and game tickets for two. The first two trips were to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Then there were trips to Lambeau for various home games and then back to the Pro Bowl. We also had a trip to Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend! The opportunity to win trips like these are a great benefit to being a member of the NWPB.

The Southern Chapter

In 1993 Jerry Garner, a native of Green Bay moved back to Seattle and started watching Packer games at Charlie Macs South (now Club Zues) in SeaTac with a core group of Packer fans. In the 1993 Packer season since Packer games were televised via satellite and not on local TV, he searched for places that showed Packer games where he and other Packers fans could watch our Pack play. Upon contacting several facilities, he finally reached Charlie Macs South in SeaTac about showing Packer games. Charlie Macs South committed to show all Packer games and the group grew in size as word got out. After few years at this location, in 1995/1996 Jerry met Gary Fye from the NWPB at the Green Bay Packer party held by Eugene Robinson and approached the NWPB about joining forces, so to speak. We thought that it would be a great idea to have a southern location, so Jerry became the President of the southern chapter of the NWPB. At the present time, the southern chapter is on hiatus as Jerry is busy as the President for the main club. Until then, you folks can always find us at the Mustard Seed Grill & Pub.

The Olympia Chapter

Angel Ernst moved to the Olympia area from River Falls, Wisconsin in October 2010. Within a week, she took refuge at O’Blarney’s Irish Pub in Olympia where she came across a handful of fellow Packer fans watching a Packer game.  Like typical Packer fans, they quickly became friends.  From then on, any time Angel saw other Packer fans there to watch a game, she would invite them to join their table. Over the years the group of Packer fans grew via word of mouth and - eventually – a Facebook page, originally called “PNW Packer Backers!!”  In 2014, Angel and Keri Jetzer, another Packer fan from O’Blarney’s, approached the Northwest Packer Backers with hopes of becoming part of their club.  At the PNW Packer Backers first Packer ‘brat fry’ in July 2014, the announcement was made that the PNW Packer Backers would officially become the Northwest Packer Backers – Olympia Chapter. At the present time, the southern chapter is on hiatus as Angel and Keri have taken a hiatus due to changes in life.

Year By Year Chronology of Locations for NWPB HQ

  • 1991 – Terri’s Fifth Quarter
  • 1992 – Juanita Bay Pub, Steve’s Pizza
  • 1993 – DaVinci’s
  • 1994 & 1995 – Babalouie’s On The Hill(Issaquah)
  • 1996 & 1997 – Slugger’s Sports Bar
  • 1998 – 2000 – The Lucky 7 Saloon
  • 2001 – present – Mustard Seed Grill & Pub