Mustard Seed Grill & Pub
5608 119th AVE SE
Newport Hills, WA
(425) 603-9001

The Mustard Seed continues to be the Home of the Northwest Packer Backers! This is a family friendly location and caters to all Packer fans! Ken, Bert and the entire wait staff continue to be tremendous to the Northwest Packer Backers. Miller does continue as the beer Sponsor for the club. This allows us to get some really cool and neat Packers and/or other promotional items for our charity raffles. There are/will be Miller beer specials on game day. Ken will continue to serve brats, deep fried cheese curds (Squeekers), broasted chicken (reminds you of back home) and Leinie’s. Check out the game day buffet, Club members receive a discount every game day on the buffet. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are really missing some good food at a great price. There are unlimited refills on non-alcoholic beverages.

As Ken has continually improves our game day experience for all Packer fans, He has added a 10 ft. and 12 ft. big screens for game day viewing. All TVs have been updated to full HD! There is not a bad seat in the house for Packer Game Day! The sound system has helped with the game day broadcast and improved the PA sound as well. The Point Of Sale system has been really helped streamline orders. Which has improved the service time and the customer service they provide, in addition to providing better customer receipts. Additionally, they also do have free Wi-Fi. The Wifi now has been upgraded for all at the Mustard Seed. We wish to invite you to come and join us on game day. Looks like we will have another great season at the Mustard Seed!!!

Finally, be kind to your wait staff. They work hard for us, so tip generously!