For those looking for more specific answers to questions you might have, here is a number of questions that are asked quite often. So without further ado, please see below! If you do not see the question you might have please go ahead and send us an email and we will see what we can do!

Here are some FAQ for the Mustard Seed

When does the Mustard Seed open? The Mustard Seed opens their doors at 9:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays which is 1 hour prior to kickoff. Monday thru Friday the doors open at 10:30 am.

When should I arrive to the Mustard Seed for Packer game days? We recommend arriving about 45 minutes prior to kick off to get a seat of choice, especially if you have groups of 4 or more. This will ensure that your entire group is able to sit together.

Where should I park for the Mustard Seed? There is plenty of parking available in the parking lot for the Mustard Seed. You may park anywhere in the lot.

Is there reserved seating? The Mustard Seed has a section of reserved seating for Club Members until 30 minutes prior to kickoff. As well as the area where the Club handles the raffles and member signup. The Club wants to make certain that we can accommodate as many Packer Fans as possible. It is understood that you would like to sit with your guests, especially if you are with a large group, but please have them arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to kick off. Once we are 30 minutes prior to kick off, holding tables, booths or seats will not be permitted afterward. It is frustrating for those who are standing to see empty seats that are being held for people who sometimes do not show up until after the start of the game. We understand circumstances arise and we will be flexible to a certain extent but also ask for your flexibility and cooperation in helping provide a great game experience for all who show up on time!  If you have extra seats at your booth or table, you may be asked if you’d be willing to share.  Who knows, you might even end up making some great new friends!

Is there seating for families with children? YES! This is a family friendly location and caters to all Packer fans! We do recommend that when bringing children please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to kick off. This will help ensure that your family will be sitting together.

This is my first time here, what should I do? First of all, please check in at the NWPB Club booth, sign our Guest Book! Then get your Game Day Newsletter! This will help provide you information on the club, our charity raffles and weekly news. Then find a seat and make some new friends! Please be sure to come and introduce yourself to our club officers and say “Hello!”

Does the Mustard Seed have a game day buffet? Yes! They have some good food at a great price. Club members receive a discount on the buffet game day. In addition to the buffet, The Mustard Seed has a great Game Day menu to select from. There are a few favorites such as the brats, deep fried cheese curds and the broasted chicken. Yummy!

How can I join the Northwest Packer Backers? It is a very simple procedure. You can either email the club to obtain a signup form or you can get a signup form from us at the annual NWPB picnic or any game day during the preseason or regular season at the Mustard Seed.

What do I receive for joining the Northwest Packer Backers? We would like to welcome you to the NWPB family. You will receive a NWPB Sponsor Badge and NWPB Club Membership package. The Membership package varies depending on the level that you decide on. You will also be entered in all Sponsor/Club member only drawings that are held every game day!

How do I win some great Packer prizes? Being a club member is one way and the other way is by participating in the charity raffle held each game day. There are always fantastic Packer prizes given away.

Must I be present to win? Yes! For our Sponsor/Club Member only and our charity raffles. If your name or number is drawn and you have left the building, we will pull another name or number to give the prize to someone else.

Here are some General FAQs

Is there somewhere else to watch the Packers game? The official locations for the Northwest Packer Backers is The Mustard Seed Grill & Pub in Seattle/Bellevue area and TBD. If you are unable to watch the game at the Mustard Seed, please go to Packers everywhere at www.packerseverywhere.com to find a location.

When is the annual NWPB picnic?  We generally have this event at the end of July or in the first week of August; but check the NWPB website calendar for date and details. We also post this on our Facebook page as well, if you are not a member of the Facebook group just ask to join! We also do send out an email to all club members.

How can I find the NW Packer Backers on Facebook? You can find us on Facebook by clicking the link here for the NWPB. Please make sure that you have at least one Packers photo. :) GO PACK GO!

How can I join the Northwest Packer Backers? It is a very simple procedure. You can email the club to obtain a signup form or you can get a signup form from us at the annual NWPB picnic or any game day during the preseason or regular season at the Mustard Seed Grill & Pub.

Now if you do not see an answer to the question you might have please send us an email and we will be happy to assist you. Until then GO PACK and we look forward to you joining us on Packer Game Days at the Mustard Seed!