In an effort to get the Club off to a good start each season, you are encouraged to become a Club Sponsor/Member. This helps the Club raise money in advance to purchase raffle prizes, pay for the web site hosting, and start the fund to donate to the charity.

We have three levels of Sponsorship:

  • Basic Membership
  • Classic Membership
  • Premium Membership

Being a Club Member not only means you are helping out the Club, but Sponsors receive tickets for special Sponsor only raffle drawings, VIP seating, and more!

We continually wish to Thank all who signed up in previous seasons!!!! Club Members continue to have a more active role in the running of the Club by attending Sponsor Only Meetings and voting on issues that will affect the Club. For more information to become a club member, please email the Club or see someone at the Officer’s Table at the Mustard Seed. You can also get an early start by coming to the Club’s Annual Summer Picnic!! Let’s GO PACK!!!!